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Jan 26, 2017 at 08:40 PM

Production order and planned order - wrong dates


Hello experts. This is very important issue, please help

Business case is....

Material is semi- finished product.


- MRP type - V2,

- In-house production: 15 days
- SchedMargin key: Open -30 days, Release - 14 days

MD02 parameters:

Processing key: NETCH
Create purchasing req. 2
Delivery schedules: 3
Create MRP list: 1
Planning mode: 2
Scheduling: 2

Production time as a result from routing is abou 45 min., order quantity is 120

System calculate dates for planned and production orders in the wrong way.

After MD02 the situation with dates looks like below:

1. Planned Order
start: 26.01.2017
finish: 15.02.2017

2. Production Order ( after release of order|)
start: 26.01.2017
finish: 02.03.2017

Why those dates are different? Where could it lie mistake?

I will very appreciate your help, guarantee of reward community points after find solution.

Best regards