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Dec 12, 2014 at 11:11 AM

Unintended gap between nested reports in PowerBuilder Classic


I have 3 freeform datawindows, named A, B and C. C is a nested report of B, B is a nested report of A and A is a main report.

Report A is very simple, and has only one nested report B in it (in real life there are more, but one is enough to show my point).

Report B has a header, and in details band has many copies of C so that report B does not fit a single page (in real life there are many different reports, this is just for simplicity).

Now if I preview report B, everything is OK, I see the header on every page, and nicely arranged nested reports, but if I preview report A, on the second and later pages there is a gap the size of B header between first and second nested reports of that page:

Tested with PowerBuilder 11.5 and latest PowerBuilder 12.6 Classic.

I wanted to attach PDF and PBL files containing mentioned example if someone would like to test themselves but was unable to do so, You can find those file in my dropbox folder over here: Dropbox.


Gap.png (3.6 kB)
Gap.png (3.6 kB)