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SAP Database Access and SAP Support

Jan 26, 2017 at 07:54 PM


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Good morning all!

I had a question, does setting up SELECT ONLY (No update) users on the Oracle Database where the SAP tables reside, breach our support license with SAP?

One of the technical consultants on our implementation says it does and fights anyone getting access. I however believe it is only UPDATES which would breach this, not SELECT.

Anybody know or can refer me on please?

  • I know of the SQL tools available in ERP GUI, and they are very limited so please dont refer me to those
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3 Answers

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Stefan Koehler Jan 26, 2017 at 08:35 PM

Hey Dan,

depends on what kind of SELECTs - it is legal for monitoring and system administration, but not for getting application data into 3rd party systems, reporting or something like that. SAPnote #581312 (Oracle database: Licensing restrictions) is pretty clear about that.

Best Regards

Stefan Koehler

Independent Oracle performance consultant and researcher

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I agree with Stefan. If the select users monitors the own SAP system and does not provide these data to external (3rd party) softwares, it does not breach the license, otherwise it does!



Dan Kennedy Jan 26, 2017 at 09:11 PM

Many thanks Stefan, that is exactly what i was after. I appreciate the quick response and reference to the note.

In my case it would be for system administration (reconciliation in this case ) - For my example we integrate HRMD_A IDocs to an external system. There are discrepancies between qualifications in SAP and this external system so we are reconciling with an extract from their DB. We have an ID in PA0105 which that external system uses as their user ID, which in order to compare their qualifications with ours i would select from PA0105 using that ID extract, then get the PERNR, and join on the HRP1001 table to check what qualification relationships are maintained against them.

After running that select i'd manually reseed HRMD_A IDoc's using PFAL / ALE integration via PO to their external system.

Regards, Dan

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Harish Karra Jan 27, 2017 at 01:04 AM

Hi Dan,

"System administration" mentioned by Stefan is nothing but Database administration. What you mentioned in your latest update is not a system administration activity. Ideally we should not create any additional Id to manage DB but we can create Ids to do the administration (like monitoring, troubleshooting etc.).

Since requirement seems similar to any other reporting/fetch requirement, can't you create a custom report at ABAP to fetch the data so that you can compare between SAP/Non-SAP systems? And also you can use some connectors which can talk to SAP (from ABAP layer) and get the data whatever you need (BAPI/FMs can be called remotely).

You may contact your account manager for more clarity.


Harish Karra

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