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Dec 11, 2014 at 11:26 PM

Canceled item on a Goods Receipt causing business transaction error?



We're dealing with a goods receipt that has produced a business transaction error. The error states that the issue is a product category / account determination issue...however...this category is a fixed asset category & is already tied in the configuration to a fixed asset class and account determination group. Could someone provide some insight as to why the system would be throwing this error if the product category, asset class & determinations are already setup 100% correctly?

The error states "cannot find determination group for product category xxxxxx. No account determination group assigned to the given product category. Please maintain the determination group in the fine tuning activity. If you expect a posting to a fixed asset account (as we do), check whether you have assigned a fixed asset class to the product category used..."

Could this be a posting dates issue? We've tried posting & 'posting to another period'...neither seem to clear the transaction error. Also note that the fixed asset is not a low-value asset so that is not the issue either...

I'm sure we're missing some small gotcha...but any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



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