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Dec 11, 2014 at 11:11 AM

Distribution Cycle between different company codes


Hi experts;

I have one company code with many cost centers and at end of the year we need to distribute all of the incurred expenses on such company code to another many company codes with different cost centers.

I found some related issues on forums but answer was not pretty clear and I found that I should have activated Cross Company posting at the CO. I do not know whether it is something mandatory or not and if yes, how to do that.


Company Code 1000

Cost Center X 20000 USD

Cost Center Y 30000 USD

Cost Center Z 50000 USD

So the total is 100,000 USD to be distributed on another company codes

Company Code 2000

Cost Center K This cost center to carry 15,000 USD

Cost Center L This cost center to carry 10,000 USD

Company Code 3000

Cost Center A This cost center to carry 30,000 USD

Cost Center B This cost center to carry 20,000 USD

Cost Center C This cost center to carry 25,000 USD

If it can be done can you kindly guide how to do and what are the prerequisites.

Thanks in advance;

Kind regards;

Ahmad Mahmud;