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Dec 10, 2014 at 10:00 PM

Contra RE Consolidations carryfoward


There was a prior period entry that was missed in a special period 13. I rolled up this entry into period 12 on the consolidation monitor. It picks up and carry forwards the cash balance sheet account. However it does not carry forward the retained earnings side of it. The contra RE job does not pick up the period 13 entry so it does not transfer the amount to the balance sheet. Therefore I am thinking it causes it not to carry forward to next years retained earnings amount. I then have an imbalance as the balance sheet account got updated but the RE account did not.

Anyone know how I can roll forward this period 13 adjustment into retained earnings?

I get the following error when trying to do a period 13 contra RE

Dimension Z1 does not have a task group (for the Data monitor) in version 9

Message no. G0202


When status management is active, a task group (for the Data monitor) must be assigned to the dimension in the current period and version.
However, this is not the case in dimension Z1 (version 9, period 013).

System Response

Error message


Go to Customizing and assign a valid task group to dimension Z1 for the Data monitor in period 013 and version 9. Also make sure that the assignment is dependent on the period category. (The period category determines the valid data entry periods.)