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Dec 10, 2014 at 02:32 PM



Our organization has multiple donors funding different projects. To manage this, we have set up

different budget scenario for each project. We consolidate each scenario budget to arrive at the main

budget. All projects are on one database.

Just as an example, we have the following budget report

Budget Scenario Budget Provision Actual Expenditure Budget Variance

ADMIN 625,000.00 234,383.40 390,616.60

DANISH 1,653.30 11,200.00 (9,546.70)

DFID 40,393.74 3,940.00 36,453.74

MEMBER 192,000.00 1,300.00 190,700.00

MKENYA 4,015.27 512,999.00 (508,983.73)

TMEA 5,737.69 7,300.00 (1,562.31)

Total/Main Budget 868,800.00 771,122.40 97,677.60

We have created UDF field in the marketing document which using formatted search picks the scenario

budget provision and posts to the relevant marketing document. Then using this information and stored

procedures we are able to block posting if there is no budget for the particular GL account or the

particular transaction exceed budget provision.

Formatted search - SELECT T1.[DebLTotal] FROM [dbo].[OACT] T0 INNER JOIN OBGT T1 ON

T0.[AcctCode] = T1.[AcctCode] INNER JOIN OBGS T2 ON T1.[Instance] = T2.[AbsId] WHERE T1.[AcctCode]

= $[PCH1.AcctCode.0] and T2.[OcrCode4] = $[PCH1.OcrCode4.0]

This has not completely addressed our concerns as the sap budget control looks at the budget provision

on the main budget rather than the actual expenditure for each budget scenario (See budget report

above which though main budget is not exceeded the control on budget scenario is ineffective)). We

are thinking of creating a formatted search to bring the actual scenario expenditure to relevant

marketing document but can’t find the database field/variable that holds this information. We however

have seen in the budget vs cost accounting report (see screenshot for budget vs cost accounting) that

the system has the information we need but how can we bring information to the UDF in the marketing

document (see screenshot for marketing document)? I.e. I would like to bring the amount of 11,200 for

Danish scenario to the actual budget udf in AP invoice.

Your kind assistance is appreciated

see attached screen shots


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pastedImage_1.png (56.6 kB)