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Dec 10, 2014 at 11:54 AM

Gateway Access Control List (reg_info/sec_info) contains trivial entries


Hi Everyone,

In EWA reports of our systems we are facing a security alert with the "Gateway Access Control List (reg_info/sec_info) contains trivial entries" with the rating Severe.

We have set the gw/acl_mode = 1 and regfile and secfile to allow all connections as below.

Reg_file -

P TP=* (Rating is warning)

Sec_file -

P TP=* USER=* USER-HOST=* HOST=* (Rating is Severe)

We want to systems to be connected from all other systems. Could you please suggest on this how to reduce the severity to Green?

I have been through many discussions on this but they are not helpful.

Thanks for your help in advance