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Dec 10, 2014 at 06:58 AM

Dynamic OData Model Creation & Maintaining Soft State .


Hi All,

I have two questions about SAP Gateway. It would be helpful if anyone add points to it.

1. I have created an Gateway service in SEGW & an created an entity test of type SFLIGHT . but in my case the type of the entity is dynamic.. it changes depending on the selected document.. So, is there any way to create a gateway entity dynamically..(model).

2. In the context of maintaining an OData Service as Stateful. I previously started a discussion Maintain stateful Odata service and I got some response form SAP Guru's that OData service is meant to be stateless.. & if requirement persists then i was told to maintain the state on client side. I went through the code in one of the HTTP Handler class /IWCOR/CL_REST_HTTP_HANDLER in this i found this part for making a session as stateful. So, i tried changing gv_stateful to true & a session is created in SM04 . But when the next request is fired it is not going under same session.

IF gv_custom_session_mgmt <> abap_true.

" default HTTP handler is stateless

IF gv_stateful = abap_true.

server->set_session_stateful( stateful = if_http_server=>co_enabled ).


server->set_session_stateful( stateful = if_http_server=>co_disabled ).



I came across Soft State support for OData Services. & created an sample scenario to test it .. But I Could not get it.. So, Can you please tell me about this topic ?.

Any Help would be appreciated.


Shiva Shankar Prakash.