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Dec 10, 2014 at 12:27 AM

Upgrade Existing AWS HANA One to SPS8 and Above


Support, I have a few questions. I was having problems with the HANA management console private chat, so I'm asking it here.

1) What is the highest revision currently available on AWS HANA One?

2) If SPS9 is not available, when is the expected availability on HANA One?

3) How hard is it to upgrade an existing revision 74 instance to SPS8 and above as the Management Console addon menu doesn't provide the option for us on an existing instance? Are the steps really involved and is a fresh install the best way to go but requires migrating any data? Saw this post detailing this at:

But wasn't able to do a private chat to get further details on the upgrade process on an existing instance from Revision 74 to SPS8+.

Thank you.