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Dec 09, 2014 at 08:08 PM

GRC 10 Mitigating Control Assignment


Hello All,

I'm fairly new to GRC 10 and in the process of assigning a mitigating control to select users. I start off my running the "user risk violation report" for selected users. I receive the report of users that I want to assign the particular MC that was previously created. I then select the risks for that user that I would like to mitigate and click the "mitigate risk" button. The "assign mitigating control" screen pops ups and here is where I assign the existing control id and ensure that it's set as active. When I click on the save button, I get the message that the object has been saved. However, I'm not able to search for this request under access management > access request administration > search request > process id = control assignment approval workflow. I check MSMP workflow and it appears to be setup correctly.

Please let me know what other troubleshooting techniques I should review to find exactly where this request is going. Any help provided is greatly appreciated.