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Former Member
Dec 09, 2014 at 12:57 PM

Taking Out Sample Stock at Goods Receipt w/o doing Inspection of that Stock


Hi All,

My requirement is as below:

Industry- Pharma. Goods Receipt is done by 3PL. For goods receipt for special materials each time a pallet is taken out for sampling.

For example out of 10 pallets , 1 pallet will go to sampling.

After activating QM Management, I need to manage this scenario within Logistics.

Ideally I am looking out to post 10 pallets in 2 line items. One pallet go to unrestricted and 9 pallets go for Inspection lot processing.

Question is How do I achieve this in standard SAP?

Is there any other way wherein I can achieve the scenario? The target is to match the stock at 3PL - goods receipt of 9 pallets to SAP - GR for 9 Pallets at the time of Goods Receipt.

Would highly appreciate your help.

Many Thanks