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Dec 08, 2014 at 08:33 PM

Front End Printing with Access Method G - Printing Multiple PM Orders Displaying Multiple Windows Print Dialog Prompts



We have recently switched to Access Method G for Front End Printing as per SAP, we were previously using Access Method F. We have an issue now with users printing multiple orders.

For Example:

A user would like to print 3 PM Orders from IW39.

  • They select the 3 orders
  • Choose Order --> Print Order
  • 3 "Windows print dialog prompts" are displayed, and the user will have to select print each time.

Obviously, this is an issue with multiple orders being printed simultaneously. We have found a solution that involves creating a new printer in SPAD, setting it to Access Method G, and then choosing the option for No Device Selection at Frontend.

I have created this printer, and removed the printer/spool defaults from my user profile; however, I am still receiving the 3 windows print dialog prompts each time I am in IW39 choosing multiple orders to print. I have also tried adding the new printer with No Device Selection at Frontend to my user profile with the same results.

I am not too versed in IW39, or work orders, so I am not sure where it is receiving the default printer from, if not from my user profile.

If I can provide any more information please let me know.

Thanks in advance!