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Dec 08, 2014 at 02:02 PM

Decision on Inhouse uding B2B addon/hosted EDI partner


Dear Experts,

I'm preparing an integration strategy for a client of mine and one of the important areas of consideration is EDI integration. I would like to know if you can me provide me any links which could give a comparison on TCO with rough estimates for both in-house EDI and going via a hosted partner for a medium to big enterprise. I believe SAP has invested quite a bit on the B2B add-on and is still working to add more features to it but I believe at the current point of time the scales are more tilted towards the hosted providers as we are yet to fully emerge from the approach.

The client already has license for a SAP PO environment in the landscape and a license consolidation of B2B add-on and PO does prove to be beneficial. However, there is always the argument in favor of hosted EDI providers that they are the core experts in this field and do this for a living. At the same time, we would need a slightly uplifted skill of a PI consultant who has hands on knowledge on B2B addon to work and support this in future.

Hence if I could get some material to prepare a comparison between the two approaches, then my client can use it as a reference.

Since this is a fresh implementation project, I have suggested the use of B2B addons as it would deliver a single vendor solution going forward with higher flexibility. But I think, I should carefully weigh all the pros and cons.