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Dec 30, 2005 at 10:03 AM



Hi Friends,

We have a scenario where we read a file through file adapter and insert the data into a R/3 system through RFC Adapter.Here actually we are calling a BAPI to insert the data into corresponding tables of R/3. But the problem is BAPI won't commit automatically.

So for that we have used one more BAPI called BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT through that we tried to commit. So in this scenario we need to call two Bapis , for that we have cerated one Receiver determination and two interface determinations, two interface mappings. In one interface mapping we are just passing the Constant value X for BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT.we have included these 2 interface determinations in a single receiver determination.

But i am getting an Error in Adapter Engine. In SXMB_MONI it is showing that 2 messages are processed successfully, but when we look in message monitoring for AdapterEngine the status is System error for first Bapi and holding for 2nd Bapi. For the First Bapi the error it is showing is

"Exception caught by adapter framework: DeliverySemantics EOIO not supported".

But we are not at all using Exactly Once Inorder any where in our scenario.Actually what is the use of Exactly once in order.


Gowtham K.