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Former Member
Dec 08, 2014 at 10:16 AM

Regarding Availability Check and Transfer of Requirements


Hi Team,

I am new to SD module and my question is regarding Material Availability Check (MAC) and Transfer of Requirements (TOR).

Say, the customer asks for 100 pieces of a material on 1st Jan. In the stock, we have only 75 pieces of unrestricted stock. As per my understanding:-

1. After user enters the material and delivery date (which copied from header delivery date or manually entered by user), while creating sales order, first Availability Check happens. The result of this check is :- 75 pieces of this material can be confirmed on 1st Jan. So one schedule line with 75 pieces on 1st Jan is created. Is my understanding is correct ?

2. Still we have a open demand for another 25 pieces. Now TOR steps in. This transfers the requirement to MRP (based on the customization). The result is :- 25 pieces of the stock will be confirmed on 15th Jan (due to Production Order / Purchase requisition). Now the 2nd schedule line with 25 pieces on 15th Jan is created. Am I right?

3. Can you please tell me :- what is "Order confirmation" in this regards. I mean how anyone can differentiate between normal Sales Order and Confirmed Sales Order. Because as per my understanding, all sales order becomes "Confirmed" after Material Availability Check (MAC) and Transfer of Requirements (TOR).