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Dec 08, 2014 at 07:27 AM

Roles with Active Object having Inactive Fields


Hi All,

We have found a wierd scenario in some of our roles.

Issue is that a field within a object in inactive.


We have object I_KOSTL with below fields

1. KOKRS (Controlling Area)

2. KOSTL (Cost Center)

3. TCD (Transaction Code)

In the above 3 fields KOKRS (Controlling Area) field is inactive.

Basically this issue happened because of a program which customer IT team used while adding/removing tcodes from a role

Now I wanted to find out the list of all authorization objects in a role with any fields being inactive.

Since manually it is not possible to deactivate a field with in a object in PFCG and the above issue happened because of a program, Is there a way I can pull the report with Roles having objects

with inactive fields?

From AGR_1251 I am able to pull the objects with Inactive Fields, but it pulls all the objects with inactive fields. But my scenario is very specific where I need to pull the fields where object

is active and any field within that object is inactive.

Experts please advise