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Dec 08, 2014 at 06:16 AM

HANA identity column issues after system restart


Hello all,

Few questions regarding HANA identity column:

We are using HANA SPS09.

1) So lets say we use HANA identity column functionality for primary keys in our DB, smth like this:

create column table "tmp" (
"Id" INTEGER primary key generated by default as identity ,
"name" NVARCHAR(6)

If table has 0 records, after system restart sequence returs error:
"invalid sequence exception: invalid sequence: RESET BY query returns null value ".

Problem that reset by query is generated without coalesce(), so when table has no records reset by query returns null.
select "sequence_name".NEXTVAL from dummy doesnt work.

Does anyone know solution for this? Because so far I've found few - either drop/recreate table or insert fake record to table with PK equal to 0.
Both solutions are ugly especialy when you have lots of tables.

2) Second error related with primary key is that when you rename table using RENAME TABLE A TO B; and do system restart, insert to renamed table fails with error: invalid sequence: RESET BY query is invalid. This is because table in reset by query is not renamed.

Are these know issues/bugs and are planned to be solved in near future? Or maybe some solutions/workarounds are known?