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Dec 06, 2014 at 10:23 AM

approved pur.req. (AG category) in the sales order a.check


Hi Experts,

My client wants to include 'AG' category (Purchase Requisitions) in the sales order availability check. Purchase Requisitions does not included in the standard ATP group, say for example 02/A (Bis.Event/ATP group). Just I wanted to know does this AG (Pur.Req) category impacts to any sales order availability check in GATP.

The actual scenario is - client wants to include the PR (Category AG) which are approved when do the availability check in the the sales order.

and client does not want to include the PR which are blocked when do the availability check in the sales order.

PR creates in ECC and then it going to approval or blocked.

Would like to have availability check in the sales order which are approved PR when creates the sales order.

Only approved PR wants to go for a.check in a VA01 and should not do the a.check for blocked PR in VA01.

Does this make sense to include the PR(only approved/No blocked) do the availability check during the sales order creation?

In the standard ATP category/B.event 02/A , 02/B this AG category (PR) does not exist?