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Dec 05, 2014 at 07:14 PM

1.4 SDK - Databound Datasources?


I unfortunately think the answer is "no", but just in case...

Is it possible to create an SDK component 'datasource' handler type that is also databound? It seems that on the surface, the SDK won't flat out tell me it's impossible, however I don't think it does anything either:

If you can't tell based on the name, my idea would be to follow the Decorator pattern to start with a dataset, and then decorate it with a second, third, etc decorator in various ways.

DS_1 (BW/HANA/UNX datasource) -> DS_2 (Decorator Datasource that could potentially add additional calculation columns) -> DS_3 (Another decorator that does something else, etc) -> Chart/Decorator/etc

I think it's an awesome idea but right now nothing happens even if I get the Data Binding dropdown. I suspect since the 'metadata' data bound property either exclusively must be thought of as a producer or consumer, it would be difficult to figure out the direction of the data otherwise?

Maybe 1.5 or future could introduce this concept if there's not a way today?