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Dec 05, 2014 at 11:33 AM

EPM Report - Deducting Value from Total where node not in report



I need to create a report which provides a total at the bottom of the report - I have done this by putting the top node in the report. The problem is i also need to remove one node from the report and the total. To remove from the report i can used exclude members. This does not change the total.

See below the example table which contains two report (had to create two reports for specific reasons) and the hierarchy. The total should be the "top account" minus "Account D"



Options I have looked at:

1. Using a local member for the total but the node for Account D needs to be displayed. I also tried using EPMRetrieveData which did not work as expected as it didnt seem to take into account the column, i.e. JAN, FEB, MAR - it just returned the same value for each month

2. Another option is just to create another report elsewhere which contains details of the Account D and I just use that as a basis to deduce the value from the Top Account.

Any other options?


table.JPG (28.6 kB)
hierarchy.JPG (8.4 kB)