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Identical Specs in Hitlist

Hi Everyone,

I'm running into a very odd problem. This issue has occurred twice in the last two months and I have no idea what could be causing it. We are getting identical entries in our hitlist for the same spec. This is not a duplicate spec issue, but rather the same exact spec is showing up twice in the hitlist.

When I look at the table ESTRH I can see that there are two entries with overlapping dates, but I have no idea how or where to begin searching to figure out how this could happen. Below is a screen shot of the table. This seems to be triggered by using a copy template to pull data into a VAT from another spec.

Has anyone else seen this before? Does anyone have any theories about what causes this? Thanks in advance for any help.

- Jason

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1 Answer

  • Posted on Dec 06, 2014 at 04:34 PM

    Dear Jason

    you did not attach the tables (ESTRH) entries. I can remember that in EHS 2.2 or something like that something similar has come up. I am sorry to say that this "odd" situation is quite long ago. What I can remember is this

    a.) you use one database (this is mandatory)

    b.) you use more than one application server (this is optional: one application server is minor: most companies use more than one to handle the "load" balance of many user actions)

    With EHS 2.2 (a or b) some issues (similar kind) come up. To give you some understanding in that: the whole SAP tries to generate"unid" ID. Thererfore the application server get a "reserve" of numbers. long ago this mechanism was not stable Therefore the same number was on two servers. Now by some stupid user action one user was logged on via application server one and the other user logged on via application server 2 and they generated nearly in the same time a new spec. Then something like that happened

    Never ever heard about it in our days.

    With out the entries in ESTRH no additional help or idea can be provided. Do you use "Change numbers"? How do you generate "normally" a new spec. With reference from old spec (copy data from old to new) or just do it?

    So first question: which user id generated the specs? Same one?

    I assume both specs have been generated by user action and not by spec import?

    There is a very special abap report availble to check "RECN" consistency. May be: RC1SUB_HIERARCHY_SHOW EHS: Display Hierarchy of All Relevant Objects for a Substance - SAP Report - ABAP

    Try to use this report wiht both specs.

    I hope that you: do not use ALE, SVT, DG, MSDS distribution, GLM etc. and we talk about dev and qual system. For prod system this can be a "disaster". and you might get additional trouble.


    PS: in regards of:

    This seems to be triggered by using a copy template to pull data into a VAT from another spec.

    Can out please try to do the same once again? Did user used two sessions? And trying to create new spec using the same "old" one?

    PPS: quite interesting ...

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