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Former Member
Dec 04, 2014 at 08:55 AM

Interest keys (T.Code FPI1) configuration is missing


Hi Expertise,

I m trying to post Interest in T.code FPI1 i m getting error message

No interest accruing on contract account XXXXXXXXXX


  • All items have been cleared before the due date (no overdue items exist)
  • Interest has already been calculated on all items from the due date to clearing
  • No interest key can be determined for the items.
  • The settings maintained for the interest key do not permit the calculation of interest at the present time (for example, transfer days, tolerance days, interest frequency)
  • Interest blocks exist.

Now query with underline point - No interest key can be determined for the items

Whats' is configuration to create Interest key and where i have to assign those keys ?

Please advise.


Karthik Kovuru.