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Dec 04, 2014 at 04:53 AM

Process Industry- GRN of by product to resource storage automatically & continuous process of the ingredient


Dear All,

We are designing solution for one of the pharma industry.

The intermediate material is identified as by-product which is being produced in step 2. After that it is being stored in one storage tank & after some time it is being issued to the next step.

I have identified storage tank as resource & assigned the storage location to it.

My queries are, when the storage location is assigned to the resource then the GRN of any by-product assigned tot that phase should happen to the storage location automatically. Is my assumption right or wrong?

Another query is that, one of the component i.e. distilled water is being mixed in one of the step say step 5. After completion of that step we get back part of it. It is then sent for reprocessing & comes back to step 5. The reprocessing is a continuous process. How should I map this, as another phase in step 5 or as a separate operation? In both the option how can I identify it as a continuous process?

Timely answers will be appreciated.


Manoj P.