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Former Member
Dec 04, 2014 at 03:23 AM

Returns Excise FI entry is wrong


Hi All,

Issue : Kindly help to understand why Returns Excise entry is wrong?

Other details:I have created sales invoice and excise invoice for 40 qty and created returns invoice and Return excise invoice with J1is t code for qty of 20:

1. VA01->VL01n->VF01->J1IIN

2. VA01( returns order with ref Invoice)->VL01N/2n ( PGR)-> VF01(credit for returns)->J1IS Returns for Excise using other adjustments( OTHR).

If you observe the below posting key of 221154 in below 4 transactions :

If you observe the 2nd and 4th screen shots, the 4th entry should be reverse to 2nd screen shot entry but here both are same which is not correct. As per me I feel the Posting key is making this difference if you we can correct this instead of Debit it will Credit this would be fine i think

GL accounts numbers are same need NOT to change GL number the only change the same GL account in 4th screen shot should be reverse.

Please let me know what action i should take to correct the 4th screen shot entry( return excise)?