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Dec 29, 2005 at 05:15 PM

Problems with BSP application using HTTPS in EP6.0


We developed a custom BSP which uses HTTPS protocol and HTMLB tags. The BSP page has a date field (htmlb inputfield of type date..which allows the user to pick a date). If I run this BSP in its own browser window, clicking on the date field will display a calendar. However, if I run this BSP as an iView in the portal (we use EP6.0) and click on the date, I see a Javascript error message (in the browser status area) that says "access is denied" and the calendar isn't displayed.

Also, this BSP is a stateful application with the portal integration flag checked. However the DSM terminator is not invoked when I close the iView.

If I change the BSP settings to use HTTP, I can run it as a portal iView without any such problems. Has anyone experienced this and/or know how to resolve it? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated? Thanks,