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Dec 03, 2014 at 04:43 PM

script error


Hello, i am trying to fill a dropdownbox with the members of a data source for object company. at the first entry i want to add a "total" entry, to handle differently when executing the select event of this dropdown box. I am doing this in the start up event of the application.

when executing the application on "localhost" its working

but on Net Weaver execution i am getting script error

and the dropdown box is not filled. Where can i check the details mentioned in the log id. I searched in DS-application Scrip problems / Error log view, but did not find any entry related to the ID mentioned. thanks for your help.



fill_DD.GIF (7.7 kB)
DD_EXECUTE.gif (9.5 kB)
Script_error.GIF (10.3 kB)