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Dec 03, 2014 at 04:27 PM

InfoObjects Missing Objects In Tree Display


I've searched and didn't come up with anything as Im not really sure how to phase this other than in the tree display my infoobjects are missing objects under the main object. I figured the best way to show you what im talking about is to display an image. Below is an image of the Material Master Data object and you'll see that when I expand the object im missing all the objects below it (Text, Attributes, Transformations, etc.).

Prior to a bunch of upgrades all the infoobjects used to display as such. I realize this is an infocube but my point being that I used to be able to expand the info object the same way.

I can however right click on an infoobject and view the dataflow and see everything.

My question being is there any way to fix the above issue so that I get those objects to display again?