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Dec 03, 2014 at 09:42 AM

SAPUI5-Binding the value in the list



I am working in SAPUI5 framework for Fiori Applications.In my application i am having two screen(split app type). Master view and Detail view.

In master screen, i am listing the all Orders from the Odata collection. in the backend there are two entity set available.


2.GetDetails Set.

To list out the data in the aster screen i am hitting the first entity (1.GET_ALL_PRSet). it is working fine.

For the details screen, i have to call the second entity like

this "/GET_ALL_PR('10000031')/GetDetails Set".inside this there are two items. so in the details screen based on the item count the no of row has to be is getting created dynamically based on the item count. but the item value is not updated correctly. which means the second item values is filled in both two rows. if some list contains three items, then the third value is getting filled three times in the list row.