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Dec 03, 2014 at 08:44 AM

Change the Techincal and QM status of a DTP Request


Hi Experts,

Help needed concerning the deletion of a failed DTP request from a target we are trying to first change the status of the request to “RED” for which we are using the FM “RSS2_SET_QMACTION” which is changing the field “USTATE” to 3 we have also tried the FM “RSBM_GUI_CHANGE_USTATE” which also does the same changes as mentioned below.

But there are no changes done to the fields “TSTATUS” and “QMSTATUS” in the table RSREQDONE.

All I would like to know is when we change the status of the Request to RED manually which are the control tables that get updated.

Also do we have any FM available to change the “TSTATUS” and “QMSTATUS” in the table RSREQDONE.

It would be convenient that we handle the changes to the relevant DTP Control Tables in the program and later have the deletion program (Already Created) run to delete the request whose status has been changed.

Thank in advance.