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Former Member
Dec 03, 2014 at 07:04 AM

affected scope of changing the profile parameter rfc/callback_security_method


Hi. Experts,

Could you tell me the affected scope of changing the profile parameter "rfc/callback_security_method" value 1 to 0?

Few days ago, I faced the problem that occurring the Internal Kernel Error "RPERF_ILLEGAL_LENG".

To solve this problem permanently, it's need to change the kernel patch level to the latest version.

However, It is necessary to discuss in our team before change it.Therefore I can't change it soon.

Now I'm going to do the workaround changing "rfc/callback_security_method" 1 to 0, according to the Note 2002096.

However, when I change this parameter,I concerned that the accuracy RFC connection is lowered, or occurring that something bad effects.

If you know about the demerits of change this profile parameter, could tell me about it?

Best Regards,