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Dec 02, 2014 at 06:48 PM

Date field output in SUP HWC application using OData service


Hi All,

I am currently working on a SUP HWC MBO based application using OData service. We are using SUP 2.1.3 with Odata service and created a MBO in SUP for the getting the details via Odata service on Gateway.


The Get_details Service i am using has one Date field which shows the Orignal Date when a particular approval/rejection request is created in the ECC system. When i execute this OData service on browser it gives me the correct Date of request creation as well as the output result in MBO is also correct and matches with the Backend entry.


Date field data on Browser and MBO is same and correct but the date coming on the device is always showing the current day's date instead of the orignal date of request creation.

since i have validated that the data received till MBO is correct but getting manipulated when seen on the device(iOS & Android)

I would request yo all to share your experience and help on this issue.