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Dec 02, 2014 at 01:05 PM

Issue in getting data to DSO using real-time data acquisition(with service API) in SAP BI 7.3



I'm trying to create a data flow for real-time data extraction from a Generic datasource.

1. Created a generic datasource successfully with RDA option enabled.

2. Replicated the same in BW side and created DSO with respective InfoObjects and activated the same.

3. Created RDA DTP for the DSO and Initial Delta Load InfoPackage for the RDA type Datasource.

4. Created transformation and changed the DSO to standard type for DSO.

5. Successfully brought the historical data to DSO through PSA by running Initialize delta process InfoPackage and standard DTP and activated the data in DSO.

6. Have created RDA InfoPackage for the Datasource and changed the DTP type to Real-time.

7. Have created a new Daemon assigning both RDA InfoPackage and RDA DTP and started the Daemon.

8. When I try to load some sample data in the ECC table, the new sample data from ECC comes to PSA, but it is not further moving to DSO.

The RDA monitor for InfoPackage is in yellow color.(which means Daemon is active and loading data/running fine)

While the RDA monitor for DTP is in green color.

Please advise me if I need to make any corrections in the DSO settings or in real-time DTP or anywhere else, so that the simulated data reaches DSO successfully.



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