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Dec 02, 2014 at 06:48 AM

Reg: Problem in Service entry sheet


Hi Guys,

My client adopted new scenario for inter company STO. I m not having any issue in SD process.

Let us assume we have two plants 1000 (plant 1) & 2000 (plant 2). Plant 2 is getting 500 quantities from Plant 1 using movement type 501 (Goods receipt without PO). (here they will enter quantity with the help of delivery note).

For 500 quantities Plant 2 is raising service PO to plant 1.(its like payment to supplying plant using service entry for goods bought using 501 movement type). And we will do service entry sheet using ML81n Automatic MIGO & MIRO.

The problem which we are facing now is

Plant 2 wont raise service PO for exact quantity which its given to Plant 1 (500 Quantity). For example they will raise service PO for Bulk 1000 Quantities. My requirement is 500 Quantities which i am receiving in Plant 2, it should automatically show in ML81n. But its showing total quantities to settle which has been raised (example 1000). Client wants service entry sheet to throw error if its more than 500 quantities in ML81n.

Is it possible to achieve in the system.

Or Do i require any ABAPer help to do this settings?

Kindly Suggest.