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Dec 02, 2014 at 03:01 AM

Merge PDFs in Publication on WebI Reports


Hi Experts,

We have a Bex Query and we have 11 WebI Documents on top of that.

We created a Publication for those set of reports.

Problem while sheduling this publication is that we get zip file having 11 PDFs.

We are looking for a functionality to Merge PDFs to generate a single PDF (with Header and Footer) for a Publication in WebI.

Similar function is there in Publication using Crystal Reports, but we are looking for the same functionality in WebI.

Note: we can not merge WebI Documents to create a custom WebI document (for Business Reason).

We are in BO 4.1 SP3.

We have gone through the "WebI UI Extension Points User Guide" sbo41sp3_webi_ui_extension_pts_en.pdf

and covered the link

but we could not identify the appropriate method to implement this.

If anybody has worked on this, please help.

Best Regards,

Krishnendu Roy.