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Dec 01, 2014 at 01:21 PM

Technical Monitoring - Extractor Configuration


Hi experts,

in our System Monitoring, I have some ressource issues.

And I have already found an SAP-Guideline regarding the ressource management, but still have no clue about it.

So...maybe sombody can help me.

I have some metrics, which stay grey.

And I am sure, that it is an ressource issue. it is an RFC-Cal and if I check the metric wich MAI_TOOLS, I get the values.

Also, if I deativate other metrics, i get all values filled.

In extractor framework and also in the job "EFWK RESOURCE MANAGER", I can see that there is a bottleneck.
But I still don't know how to manage the extractor configuration.

What does what mean?

- worklist-items: is it the maximu, which will be checked in one run?

- SM_....READ: is this the amount of RFCs which will be used on the managed system? is it per pass?

- SOLMAN_DIALOG_WORKPROCESSES - is this the amound of processes which will be used by solman in geneneral or per pass?

How can I configure the worklistpasses?

In our system, the job is alrways running below 10 seconds. So I would prefer, if it would run a bit longer and not steal so many ressources.