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Dec 01, 2014 at 12:05 PM

How to process csv result of SAP JCo Interface?


Hi everyone, I am new in MII and try to familiarize with that subject. We are using MII 14.

I created a transaction using a SAP JCo Interface calling RFC_TABLE_READ to get data from a table. That works fine.

But I have the following issue: The result is returned as csv, that is all data are separated by some delimiter. When sending those data to an xml, I have several lines but all having only one column...

so it looks like

<item>abc, def, ghi</item>

<item>jkl, mno, pqr</item>


I do have the table's structure available as the BAPI also returns the structure, but i am wondering how to split that csv string in order to assign it to the column headers?

What would be a feasible approach?

I searched in that forum and found 58 hits regarding RFC_READ_TABLE and three more dealing with splitting strings but nothing could answer my question.

Would be great if somebody could give me a hint where to look or how to proceed?