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Dec 01, 2014 at 05:46 AM

Sequential Partial Confirmation Phase wise COR6N


Dear Experts,

Need your expert help. This is process Industry and confirmation is required to be done phase wise.

There are 2 phase, Phase 20 Crude(Intermediate Item) is confirmed and latter it is manually issued and at phase 40, Final Product called as main fraction is received. I had the requirement that without Phase 20 confirmation, User cannot directly jump to phase 40 and confirm it.

I did the settings in OPK4, sequence adherence to E, established a Phase relation in c202 and assigned 2 Milestone Confirmation Keys at phase 20 and phase 40.

But this works perfectly only once when user is first time confirming the partial confirmation(PCNF).

But during the next Partial confirmation in cor6n, it is allowing the system to bypass phase 20 and directly confirm phase 40.

Is there any standard way or enhancements that w/o Phase 20 being confirmed, phase 40 cannot be confirmed in case of Partial confirmation?

Best regards