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How can we copy a track as it is (with all SCs and DCs) to a new track in same NWDI pointing to same SLD?

Currently, our SAP NetWeaver portal version is 7.01 SP07. We need new track as our project has gone into the maintenance.

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2 Answers

  • Nov 28, 2014 at 01:30 PM

    click the save as button if i am not wrong

    after that, you just have to import the dependent SC.

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    Former Member
    Dec 11, 2014 at 10:12 AM

    Hi Ankeet,

    Please go through the below steps and links. They will help you to create new track.

    1. First step is to create a new product version. This is a parent component that’ll hold software unit (SU) and software components(SC). Product, Software Unit & Software Component are created in SLD and the track is created in NWDI Landscape configurator. Follow the steps for creating a product

    SLD > New Product Version > enter required data > Create an  SU > Create an SC and keep production state as started

    2. Now, we need to add dependencies to SC that will support the development and building of a component. There are 3 dependencies we must add. However, if your development is somehow related to Guided Procedures, you also need to add CAF related dependencies in addition to 3 std. dependencies.

    Go to Software Catalogue > Software Component tab > Select application SC and navigate to Dependencies tab > Set context to Build Time > Click on Define prerequisite software components > Search and add following dependencies.

    •SAP J2EE ENGINE <release version> | SAP-JEE

    •DI BUILD TOOL <release version> | SAP_BUILDT


    After this, our application component is ready to be used in track in NWDI

    3. Here we will reserve a NameSpace for our developments. NameSpace and NameSpace prefix are used while creating a Development Component (DC). It make sure that everything developed is clubbed under same NameSpace. This is to avoid conflict in the component build and transports. You can skip this step if you want to use already created NameSpace.

    Go to SLD > Name Reservation > Define Name Prefix >Specify name category and name prefix and choose create

    Here we did not create a new NameSpace, if you want to create a NameSpace, you can click on New NameSpace and use it while creating Name Prefix.

    4. In this step, we are going to create a track, provide domain data, track data and define runtime systems.

    Go to NWDI (http://<host>:<port>/devinf) > CMS > Landscape Configurator > In right hand side, click on New Track > You need to have CMS & CBS URL and password for further steps > Fill domain and track data > Here you need to add a software component that we created in SLD to the track > Search for  the SC and add it track.

    PS: Make sure all three dependencies are also added along with SC and are in Green state

    Now, go to runtime systems > and select the check boxes for system you wish to define. For e.g. if you want to configure development, test and production, select the corresponding check-boxes. Select Configure without wizard > provide user id and a password > Similarly add other runtime systems

    5. This is the final step of NWDI track creation process. Here we are only going to check-in the dependencies to the development system that we defined in runtime systems of landscape configurator.

    Go to Transport Studio > Check-in tab> Select all three dependencies and click on Check-In > after successful Check-In, these dependencies should be moved to Development system.

    You can leave these dependencies in waiting for import state and import them along with your released development activities. Its stage will not hamper your development.

    With this, you have successfully

    •Create New Product

    •A software unit and a component

    •Added dependencies to SC

    •Defined a new track and  added an SC to track

    •Configured runtime systems

    • Check-In all dependencies to development system

    Please go though the below URLs as well…



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Nagesha,

      First create the new track and populate the changes via track connections and you can also think about the maintenance track concept.