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Nov 27, 2014 at 10:10 PM

CBTA; handling multi-line data parameters



I'm running Solman 7.1, sp11 and CBTA 30.

Generally, I have been successful in writing and executing test scripts (against the GUI of SAP ECC Ehp7)

My question is how to efficiently map parameters from a test data container (using the wizard or not) to the script and specifically for multi-line data entries.

For example, in me21 there are vendor and purchasing org parameters at 'header' level; they are easy to map from the TDC to script. It is also simple to create a structure in the TDC to represent parameters for each line item in the PO. But when recording the script, the plant field in multiple line entries show up as repeating parameters (PLNT, PLNT_002, PLNT_003 etc) and NOT as a structure representing the line. (It's the same with material, quantity and all the other line item fields)

It does not seem to be possible to map the TDC line structure to a line structure in the test configuration. I also do not see how to map an element from the structure in the TDC to an script parameter...for example, in the TDC I_STRUCTURE_POLINE[] refers to EKPO and I_STRUCTURE_POLINE[WERKS] needs to be mapped to successive entries of PO_PLANT

Any thoughts ??