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Nov 27, 2014 at 08:20 PM

Workflow Wait Events not working properly


Dear SDNers,

I am facing problem in travel request workflow. I am using both CHANGE, REQUESTAPPROVED and CANCELLED events at wait step.

When request approved by manager, both events REQUESTAPPROVED and CHANGE are triggering at same time. But as per my requirement, when request approved, mail has to be sent to other level approvers and initiator of workflow. And when any change has happened on request, workflow has to complete.

But due to both events triggering at same time, workflow is getting completed with out sending mails to users as change event has been triggered. I also used dummy method to wait for 10 seconds after change event triggered. So that mails shall go to users through REQUESTAPPROVED event, even though luck. attaching below screen shots for reference. Kindly guide me.

First screen shot gives change event path and second screen shot refers the approved event path.

Both events triggered same time, but through change event workflow is coming out from fork.

Please put some light on this issue.

Thanks in Advance,




pastedImage_1.png (81.2 kB)