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Nov 27, 2014 at 12:25 PM

Validations of text fields on Submit button click


Hi Experts,

I have a view which has a lot of textfields and a "Submit" button which is supposed to validate the value states of the text fields in a panel container.

Is there any method which will validate all the input fields within a container and return the valid-state of that view. Is there a way to group a set of controls, so that each group can be separately validated?

Also, when I used - control.setValueState(sap.ui.core.ValueState.Error);

I am getting a message "Invalid Entry" and "Entry successfully validated" messages which are generic and the user might not know what exactly needs to be entered. I want to show a specific tooltip or validation message like "Please enter a numeric value" / "Please enter upto 2 decimals" / "Percentage should not be greater than 100", etc.

I am new to SAPUI5, any help would be greatly appreciated!