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Dec 28, 2005 at 08:08 PM

How to show webgui progress indicator in Webgui while executing report


ITS 6.2 patch 18

I am calling r/3 report as a new window from template base html page. Mission is to show webgui progress indicator instead of hour glass. The report takes 3 minutes to the result. Shortly before showing result page,the webgui progress indicator appears at the center of the page. I tried abap function SAPGUI_PROGRESS_INDICATOR to r/3 report.However, it did not work.

If anyone konws how to do it, let me know.

I am using below function to call r/3 report.

<script language="JavaScript">

function new_win(){

var w_address, wp ;

w_address = "http://`HTTP_HOST`/scripts/wgate/webgui/!?transaction=ZZZZ&~OkCode=EXEC&PA0001-ORGEH=" + "`PA0001-ORGEH`" + "&PCHDY-DEPTH=" + "`PCHDY-DEPTH`" ; ;

w_address = w_address + "&client=`write(client)`&language=`write(language)`" ;

win_prop = "left=0, top=0, height=600, width=800, status=no, menubar=no, resizable=yes, fullsize=yes, channelmode=no, scrollbars=yes";


wp =,'',win_prop);

wp.location.href = w_address;


if (window.focus) {



return false;