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Hi, I have the following Problem:

I want the upload some Files to SAP dms System.

First of all i implement the functionmodule "BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2" in my .net Programm.

Then i tested tue Applikation... and the RFC call creates an correct document Info set in erp. I can have a look on it, with CV03N.

Now i wanted to implement the fileupload.

So i filled the Table DOCUMENTFILES ANd copied the sapftp.exe in my Program Exekution Directory.

If i now call my .net Program, it crashes with the exception "callback not supported".

What is my Problem?

I cant Figure it out.... Thanks for the help.

My Code:

Imports SAP.Middleware.Connector
Imports System.IO

Public Class frmMain

    Public Sub New()

        ' Dieser Aufruf ist für den Designer erforderlich.

        ' Fügen Sie Initialisierungen nach dem InitializeComponent()-Aufruf hinzu.
        RfcDestinationManager.RegisterDestinationConfiguration(New MyBackendConfig)

    End Sub

    Private Sub Button1_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
        'CV01N - Create Document
        'CV02N - Change Document
        'CV04N - Find Document 
        'CV03N - Display document

        System.Windows.Forms.Cursor.Current = Cursors.WaitCursor

#If DEBUG Then
        txtPfad.Text = "C:\Users\bkoch\Desktop\20141126153403.pdf"
#End If

        ' Get a destination object from the destination manager
        Dim SapRfcDest As RfcDestination = RfcDestinationManager.GetDestination("DEV")

            ' Create connection to the RFC repository
            Dim SapRfcRepo As RfcRepository = SapRfcDest.Repository

            ' BAPI functionmodules
            Dim documentCreateBapi As IRfcFunction = SapRfcRepo.CreateFunction("BAPI_DOCUMENT_CREATE2")
            Dim bapiRollback As IRfcFunction = SapRfcRepo.CreateFunction("BAPI_TRANSACTION_ROLLBACK")
            Dim bapiCommit As IRfcFunction = SapRfcRepo.CreateFunction("BAPI_TRANSACTION_COMMIT")

            ' Structures
            Dim documentData As IRfcStructure = documentCreateBapi.GetStructure("DOCUMENTDATA")
            Dim bapireturn As IRfcStructure = documentCreateBapi.GetStructure("RETURN")
            Dim documentFiles As IRfcTable = documentCreateBapi.GetTable("DOCUMENTFILES")

            ' Fill fields
            documentCreateBapi.SetValue("HOSTNAME", My.Computer.Name)
            documentCreateBapi.SetValue("PF_FTP_DEST", "SAPFTP")

            ' Fill Fields for only one document
            documentData.SetValue("DOCUMENTTYPE", "ZOQ")
            documentData.SetValue("DOCUMENTNUMBER", "TEST DOCUMENT 01")
            documentData.SetValue("DOCUMENTVERSION", "00")
            documentData.SetValue("DOCUMENTPART", "000")
            documentData.SetValue("VALIDFROMDATE", System.DateTime.Now)
            documentData.SetValue("REVLEVEL", "00")
            documentData.SetValue("DESCRIPTION", "Test Document 01 Created via NCo3")
            documentData.SetValue("USERNAME", SapRfcDest.User.ToUpper)
            documentData.SetValue("AUTHORITYGROUP", "BVV")

            ' Fill documentFiles Table
            documentFiles.SetValue("WSAPPLICATION", SetExtensionToSapExtension(Path.GetExtension(txtPfad.Text)))
            'documentFiles.SetValue("DOCPATH", (Path.GetDirectoryName(txtPfad.Text) & "\").ToUpper)
            documentFiles.SetValue("DOCFILE", txtPfad.Text) '(Path.GetFileName(txtPfad.Text)).ToUpper)
            documentFiles.SetValue("LANGUAGE", "DE")
            documentFiles.SetValue("DESCRIPTION", "Test Document 01 Created via NCo3")
            documentFiles.SetValue("CHECKEDIN", "X")
            documentFiles.SetValue("STORAGECATEGORY", "ZBVV_LOGI")
            documentFiles.SetValue("CREATED_BY", SapRfcDest.User.ToUpper)


            Dim DOCUMENTTYPE As String = documentCreateBapi.GetValue("DOCUMENTTYPE").ToString()
            Dim DOCUMENTNUMBER As String = documentCreateBapi.GetValue("DOCUMENTNUMBER").ToString()
            Dim DOCUMENTPART As String = documentCreateBapi.GetValue("DOCUMENTPART").ToString()
            Dim DOCUMENTVERSION As String = documentCreateBapi.GetValue("DOCUMENTVERSION").ToString()

            Select Case bapireturn.GetValue("TYPE").ToString
                Case "A"
                    MessageBox.Show(bapireturn.GetValue("MESSAGE").ToString, bapireturn.GetValue("TYPE").ToString, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Stop, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1)
                Case "E"
                    MessageBox.Show(bapireturn.GetValue("MESSAGE").ToString, bapireturn.GetValue("TYPE").ToString, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Error, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1)
                Case "W"
                    If bapireturn.GetValue("MESSAGE").ToString <> String.Empty Then MessageBox.Show(bapireturn.GetValue("MESSAGE").ToString, bapireturn.GetValue("TYPE").ToString, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Warning, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1)
                    MessageBox.Show(String.Format("Datei: '{0}', Type: '{1}', Part: '{2}', Version: '{3}' angelegt!", DOCUMENTNUMBER, DOCUMENTTYPE, DOCUMENTPART, DOCUMENTVERSION))
                Case Else
                    If bapireturn.GetValue("MESSAGE").ToString <> String.Empty Then MessageBox.Show(bapireturn.GetValue("MESSAGE").ToString, bapireturn.GetValue("TYPE").ToString, MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Information, MessageBoxDefaultButton.Button1)
                    MessageBox.Show(String.Format("Datei: '{0}', Type: '{1}', Part: '{2}', Version: '{3}' angelegt!", DOCUMENTNUMBER, DOCUMENTTYPE, DOCUMENTPART, DOCUMENTVERSION))
            End Select


        Catch ex As RfcCommunicationException
            MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "RfcCommunicationException")
        Catch ex As RfcLogonException
            MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "RfcLogonException")
        Catch ex As RfcAbapRuntimeException
            MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "RfcAbapRuntimeException")
        Catch ex As RfcAbapBaseException
            MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "RfcAbapBaseException")
        Catch ex As Exception
            MessageBox.Show(ex.Message, "Exception")
            System.Windows.Forms.Cursor.Current = Cursors.Default
        End Try
    End Sub

    Private Sub btnPfad_Click(sender As Object, e As EventArgs) Handles btnPfad.Click
        Using _ofd As New OpenFileDialog
            _ofd.Multiselect = False
            If _ofd.ShowDialog <> Windows.Forms.DialogResult.Cancel Then
                txtPfad.Text = _ofd.FileName
                txtPfad.Text = String.Empty
            End If
        End Using
    End Sub

    Private Function SetExtensionToSapExtension(ByVal extension As String) As String
        If extension.Contains(".") Then
            Return extension.Substring(1, extension.Length - 1).ToUpper
            Return extension.ToUpper
        End If
    End Function

End Class
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    Posted on Nov 26, 2014 at 08:45 PM

    ...if i use the Parameter:

    parms.Add(RfcConfigParameters.UseSAPGui, "1")

    in BackendConfiguration Class; the upload will work.

    But in productive Environment there is not SAP GUI installed.

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Here is my solution with an own reomte fm with Import xstring:

      FUNCTION zklo_ws_setdocument. *"---------------------------------------------------------------------- *"*"Lokale Schnittstelle: *" IMPORTING *" VALUE(DOCUMENTTYPE) TYPE BAPI_DOC_AUX-DOCTYPE *" VALUE(DOCUMENTNUMBER) TYPE BAPI_DOC_AUX-DOCNUMBER *" VALUE(DOCUMENTPART) TYPE BAPI_DOC_AUX-DOCPART *" VALUE(DOCUMENTVERSION) TYPE BAPI_DOC_AUX-DOCVERSION *" VALUE(BIN_FILE) TYPE XSTRING *" VALUE(FILENAME) TYPE DRAW-FILEP *" EXPORTING *" VALUE(RETURN) LIKE BAPIRET2 STRUCTURE BAPIRET2 *" VALUE(NEW_DOCUMENTTYPE) TYPE BAPI_DOC_AUX-DOCTYPE *" VALUE(NEW_DOCUMENTNUMBER) TYPE BAPI_DOC_AUX-DOCNUMBER *" VALUE(NEW_DOCUMENTPART) TYPE BAPI_DOC_AUX-DOCPART *" VALUE(NEW_DOCUMENTVERSION) TYPE BAPI_DOC_AUX-DOCVERSION *"---------------------------------------------------------------------- TYPES: BEGIN OF zst_ts_raw_line, line(2550) TYPE x, END OF zst_ts_raw_line. DATA: ls_message TYPE messages, ls_drao TYPE drao, lt_drao TYPE TABLE OF drao, ls_return TYPE bapiret2, ls_document TYPE bapi_doc_draw2, lv_size TYPE i, lt_bindata TYPE STANDARD TABLE OF zst_ts_raw_line, ls_bindata LIKE LINE OF lt_bindata, lt_files TYPE cvapi_tbl_doc_files, ls_files TYPE cvapi_doc_file, ls_api_ctrl TYPE cvapi_api_control, ls_draw TYPE draw, lt_drat TYPE TABLE OF dms_db_drat, ls_drat TYPE dms_db_drat. "ByteArray in Tabelle konvertieren CALL FUNCTION 'SCMS_XSTRING_TO_BINARY' EXPORTING buffer = bin_file IMPORTING output_length = lv_size TABLES binary_tab = lt_bindata. LOOP AT lt_bindata INTO ls_bindata. CLEAR ls_drao. ls_drao-orblk = ls_bindata-line. ls_drao-orln = lv_size. ls_drao-dokar = documenttype. ls_drao-doknr = documentnumber. ls_drao-dokvr = documentversion. ls_drao-doktl = documentpart. ls_drao-appnr = '1'. APPEND ls_drao TO lt_drao. ENDLOOP. "Dokumentenart automatisch ermitteln. CALL FUNCTION 'CV120_DOC_GET_APPL' EXPORTING pf_file = filename IMPORTING pfx_dappl = ls_files-dappl. IF ls_files-dappl EQ 'PD1'. "SAP Customizing ist hier krum... ls_files-dappl = 'PDF'. ENDIF. "Datei in Tabelle anhängen... ls_files-appnr = '1'. ls_files-filename = filename. ls_files-updateflag = 'I'. ls_files-langu = sy-langu. ls_files-storage_cat = 'DMS_C1_ST'. "Muss u.U. angepasst werden... ls_files-description = filename. ls_files-checked_in = 'X'. ls_files-active_version = 'X'. APPEND ls_files TO lt_files. "Allgemeine Einstellungen ls_api_ctrl = 'CV01N'. "Kopfdaten aufbereiten ls_draw-dokar = documenttype. ls_draw-doknr = documentnumber. ls_draw-doktl = documentpart. ls_draw-dokvr = documentversion. ls_draw-filep = ls_files-filename. ls_draw-dappl = ls_files-dappl. ls_draw-begru = 'BVV'. "Muss u.U. angepasst werden... "Weitere Tabellen aufbereiten ls_drat-dokar = ls_draw-dokar. ls_drat-doknr = ls_draw-doknr. ls_drat-dokvr = ls_draw-dokvr. ls_drat-doktl = ls_draw-doktl. ls_drat-langu = sy-langu. ls_drat-dktxt = ls_files-filename. APPEND ls_drat TO lt_drat. "Prüfen ob Dokument bereits vorhanden.. CALL FUNCTION 'CVAPI_DOC_GETDETAIL' EXPORTING pf_dokar = ls_draw-dokar pf_doknr = ls_draw-doknr pf_dokvr = ls_draw-dokvr pf_doktl = ls_draw-doktl EXCEPTIONS not_found = 1 no_auth = 2 error = 3 OTHERS = 4. IF sy-subrc EQ 1. "not found CALL FUNCTION 'CVAPI_DOC_CREATE' EXPORTING ps_draw = ls_draw * PF_STATUSLOG = ' ' * PF_REVLEVEL = ps_api_control = ls_api_ctrl pf_ftp_dest = 'SAPFTP' pf_http_dest = 'SAPHTTP' pf_hostname = 'DEFAULT' pf_content_provide = 'TBL' "Als interne Tabelle IMPORTING psx_message = ls_message pfx_dokar = new_documenttype pfx_doknr = new_documentnumber pfx_dokvr = new_documentversion pfx_doktl = new_documentpart TABLES * PT_DRAD_X = pt_drat_x = lt_drat pt_files_x = lt_files * PT_COMP_X = pt_content = lt_drao * DOCUMENTDESCRIPTIONS = . ELSEIF sy-subrc EQ 0. "found CALL FUNCTION 'CVAPI_DOC_CHECKIN' EXPORTING pf_dokar = ls_draw-dokar pf_doknr = ls_draw-doknr pf_dokvr = ls_draw-dokvr pf_doktl = ls_draw-doktl * PS_DOC_STATUS = pf_ftp_dest = 'SAPFTP' pf_http_dest = 'SAPHTTP' pf_hostname = 'DEFAULT' ps_api_control = ls_api_ctrl * PF_REPLACE = ' ' pf_content_provide = 'TBL' "Als interne Tabelle IMPORTING psx_message = ls_message TABLES pt_files_x = lt_files * PT_COMP_X = pt_content = lt_drao. ELSE. "error return-type = 'E'. return-message = 'Fehler beim suchen des Dokuments.'. ENDIF. IF ls_message-msg_type CA 'EA'. return-type = ls_message-msg_type. return-message = ls_message-msg_txt. CALL FUNCTION 'BAPI_TRANSACTION_ROLLBACK'. ELSE. COMMIT WORK. ENDIF. ENDFUNCTION.

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