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Nov 26, 2014 at 03:24 PM

SAP GUI 7.40 troubles with Retina



I'm working with SAP GUI 7.40 on my MBP Retina (via Parallels desktop) and recently I have decided to show a few graphical glitches which are quite annoying (as I think). Because of high resolution (2560x1600) in Windows 8.1, I have to use some large fonts (14pt) in SAP GUI settings and some things are not shown properly (look at the images attached):

  • Some toolbars look really messy (some buttons are even hard to see): I tried even different designs for SAP GUI (even Classic one, but to me it has too low contrast).
  • Some transactions don't look very good (especially, SCASE, SCASEPS)

New Blue Design

SAP Signature Design:

  • Sometimes checkboxes are tend to disappear when a mouse pointer moves over them.

While I have almost no problems in SAP GUI 7.30 for Java on Mac OS (except for that it's considerably slower and sometimes hangs up, which I believe is a Yosemite and Java 8 problem).

Maybe some of these problems can be solved in upcoming 7.40 patch?


Windows_8.png (59.3 kB)
Windows_8.png (339.1 kB)
FTL__1___115_.png (276.5 kB)
Windows_8.png (326.7 kB)