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Nov 26, 2014 at 03:27 PM

Displaying Name Data in multiple languages (PA20, Reports, etc...)


Hi Everyone,

Has anyone who deals with 2 launguages noticed any issues with PA20 or Reports while creating records in one language and displaying them in another? In Canada we have 2 official languages and data can sometimes be created in English and need to be displayed in French or vise versa. What we are seeing is if the IT0002/PA0002 name information is created in English (for example) than concatinated fields like Full Name will display using the name prefix of the language the record was created.

Example starting in English:

Form of Address: Mrs.

Last Name: Person

First Name: Test

Full Name: Mrs. Test Person

In French I would expect to see...

Qualité: Mme.

Nom: Person

Prenom: Test

Nom: Mme. Test Person

However, what we are seeing in this example is the English prefix even when logged in as French.

Nom: Mrs. Test Person

So any reports or anything that uses the full name fields is pulling in the name with the prefix for the Language that the record was created, but not properly based upon the langue setting for that user.

Is this normal? Is there a fix that you are aware of with OSS?

I wanted to check with the community before I created an OSS message.