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Nov 26, 2014 at 12:45 PM

An identity is not appearing in IDM however when creating same identity in IDM, it is giving error in IDM that "Identity already exists in IDM"


Dear Community Members,

When I try to find an identity in IDM, let say unique id is "ABCD" , I'm not able to find it whereas when I'm try to create the same identity "ABCD"

in IDM.I do get an error which says "Identity already exists" in SAP Identity Management.

I understand that somehow the identity is not deleted from IDM database however not reflecting in IDM user interface but unable to understand

the technical possibility of this issue.

Kindly share the reason of this issue and what will be the possible solution.

I do not want adapt the non recommended SAP way of deleting the identity directly from IDM database.


Girish Almiya

SAP Security Consultant