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Nov 26, 2014 at 12:01 PM

ATC not checking code in user exit includes


Dear Friends,

I'm not sure if you have faced this issue, but I have not found anyone or any post or any document or any OSS note talking about it.

I've recently have realized than when using ATC for checking the custom code of an Z include it was finding cero errors when it was actually full of them.

In fact using code inspector, the errors where found. It was not an issue of using a different variant, this was checked, CI and ATC are using the same,

The issue itself was clear: When the ATC checks a parent object its checks the code of its includes. If you try to check an include directly with ATC, it is ignored with message "No checks are available for the objects types", giving the chance to "add master program" so it will be checked when the master program is checked with all its includes. Last, ATC neither Code Inspector checks custom code.

The end result is that when trying to check the code in a user exit include with ATC it does not find any error.

I can think about encapsulating the code found in a user exits but this is a titanic task.

The main problem is that the jobs for getting in CCLM the quality required massive ATC runs that will not catch the errors in these kind of objects.

Have you face this issue? do you have any recommendation?

I would like your opinion before raising this as customer message, as from my point of this this may require a SAP correction.