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Jan 26, 2017 at 12:50 PM

Exposing data with joins in gateway


We have created a lot of GET_ENTITY_SET methods that do selects from views we create.

A confusion I keep hitting is dealing with joins.

As far as I know SAP only supports inner joins when defining a view. This means if I define a view that way and there is data that does not exist on the second table I will end up losing rows.

For example if I want a view with:

QPGR SAP Table - Inspection catalog code groups

Joined to

QPGT (Code Group Texts)

And I hard code the language to 'E'

If QPGT is missing any language translations for english those rows will be lost.

I'm finding the lack of "left outer join" on views to be very frustrating.

Another option is to not join to that table and then write custom code to retrieve the code group text if it exists.

If we go with that approach then the regular odata filtering will not be supported for KURZTEXT, which is also annoying ( but maybe better than losing data? )

How do people deal with these sorts of issues?