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Dec 28, 2005 at 10:30 AM

script syntax



Plz check the below code and tell me its syntatically correct or not.......

this code i m writing in se71 for a page window, in change editor

&SPACE(1)&Sr No.&SPACE(2)&





&SPACE(3)&Taxable Value&SPACE(3)&



&SPACE(3)&Gross Amount&SPACE(3)&

this has to come in the headerline....

below that data is to be printed, for this i used this...










is this correct or not??

i dont have access to test the code, so i posted this qn. plz try to understand and just tell me whether its syntactically correct or not.

Also 15.2R, what does it mean??

Total 15 chars in which 2 are decimals or

total 17 chars out of which 15 numbers and 2 are decimals..

plz clarify me..